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Ready To Kickstart Your Compliance Journey?

Total Compliance Solution


Toothe's TCS takes all the stress out of the compliance process with our delightfully simple all-in-one, made-for-you solution.


✓ Toothe Secure messenger

✓ Infection Prevention & Control Manual

✓ Occupational Health & Safety Manual

✓ Radiation Manual

✓ Office Manual
✓ Ongoing Support

✓ Up-To-Date staff training resources

✓ Quick Start Guides​

✓ Annual review reminders for all areas of compliance

✓ Annual PIA amendments

✓ FREE Privacy Impact Assessment (if your local legislation requires a PIA)

The Total Compliance Solution takes all your dental compliance needs and creates one hassle-free solution.

Members of the Denturists Association of Canada, Denturists Association of Alberta, Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta & the BC Dental Hygienists Association qualify for a monthly discount. Fill out the form below to learn more!

Get Started

Let's Get Started

To find out if you qualify for a discount on our Total Compliance Solution (TCS), or to get started, please fill out this form:

Do you have an accepted PIA?
Do you currently have Toothe Secure Messenger?
How can we help you get started with the Total Compliance Solution?

You rock! You are on your way to achieving full compliance, the easy way. Keep an eye out for an email from us for your next steps. 

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