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Do I Even Need A PIA? 

Many dental offices have old PIAs from 4-5 years ago, and you may be wondering if your old PIA is still valid, or if a new PIA is required. Take the quiz below to find out.

Note: The Health Information Act of Alberta requires that all custodians complete and submit to the OIPC a Privacy Impact Assessment (s64). 

Did you purchase your office or has a new business partner joined you in ownership who has access to health records since the last PIA was completed?
Have you begun to collect new health information that you did not collect at the time of the last PIA (such as 3D digital impressions with iTero or CEREC)?
Have you implemented a new Electronic Dental Record (Practice Management System) since the last PIA?
Has your office moved locations or undergone significant renovations or expansion to the locations where health information is collected, accessed, stored or disclosed since the last PIA?

Thanks for submitting! We will review your answers and get back to you within 48 business hours.

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