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4 Critical Actions Your Dental Office Needs To Take To Be Compliant

Free no obligation 30-minute comprehensive compliance review. See how your office measures up! 


Create Intrigue with Bullet Points

  • Using any secure messenger is compliant, right? WRONG! Learn what makes a secure messenger compliant or not.

  • What you should never do when sending patient information outside your office. Make sure your office stops doing these 3 things!

  • We'll show you the areas you need to improve on to keep your office safe from hefty fines. With great earnings comes great responsibilities. 

  • How to get staff trained in compliance so you can keep seeing patients and making money! 

  • The simple truth about privacy & compliance that nobody is talking about!

  • The easy and affordable way to be in compliance. There's no need to break the bank over compliance - we have an awesome system for all sizes of offices. 

Shine a light on the problem

Identify the audience - Who they are & how they feel. 

Tell a story about the problem, share a struggle or a challenge. They should feel like we are reading their minds. 

Show credentials

Prove they can trust us, establish credibility, and demonstrate our expertise. 

quiet scepticism by proving the results we've achieved. 

Share successful case studies

Who we've done business with

The number of customers we've served (the number of referrals sent)

Press mentions

Detail the Benefits

People do not care about us or Toothe, they care about what we can do for them. 

Talk only in benefits and use bullet points 

Make two columns one with features and a second which shows the benefit. 

Make our godfather offer

Clean and easy to understand. Theres not question about what they are getting when they give us their email. 

Focused on how it will fill a need or solves a problem 

Keep it short

Be persuasive

Make it a no-brainer for them. They need feel that there is so much value here that they can't believe we would give this out for free. 

Add Bonuses

Add relevant bonuses to sweeten the offer. Highly desirable but not essential to reach the desired outcome.

Stack the value

Stack up the total value of everything in our offer.

Tell them how much everything is worth. 

Reveal the price of the call


Add Scarcity

Offers without scarcity don't sell. We need ours to be genuine or nobody will trust us. 

Act now to secure your consult before it's too late! We have limited availability and these spots fill up quickly. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get personalized guidance and insights from the best in the business. With each passing day, more and more dentist are realizing the value of our compliance services and spots are filling up fast. Don't wait until it's too late to book your call and risk missing out on the chance to have a partner in compliance. Book your call now and secure your spot before they're all gone! 


A Powerful Guarantee

Remove perceived risks. 

A guarantee transfers the risk from the buyer to the seller. This shows that buyer that  they won't be at a loss of time or money, thus eliminating the pain of buying. 

Could use a guarantee that we wont share their information. 



This is a command. 

Take action now and fill out the form below to get expert advice for your dental office compliance needs.



Close with a P.S. that includes a warning & a reminder

Remind them of your irresistible offer. 

Warn them about the consequence of what will happen if they don't buy. Include the CTA and remind them of the limited time or quantity. 

Secure Your Spot!

Free 30 minute comprehensive compliance review 

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