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Digital Referrals

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Toothe is transforming the way dentists collaborate and enhancing the referral experience for both referring and receiving dentists.

Increase efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in your practice while ensuring patient privacy.

Embrace the future of dental technology and simplify your workflow with Digital Referrals.

Schedule a demo and witness the power of seamless collaboration.

Toothe simplifies all interactions with other dental offices by keeping it all in one place.

Digital Referrals

Increase your dental practice's efficiency, accuracy, and convenience with Digital Referrals.


Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and time-consuming phone calls.


Toothe innovative platform revolutionizes the way referring and receiving dentists collaborate, ensuring a seamless referral process.

Effortless Information Sharing

With Toothe, securely sharing patient information has never been easier!


Toothe's encrypted platform eliminates the need for paper-based forms and ensures the privacy and security of sensitive data.


Simply exchange patient X-rays, records, CBCT's, large files, and documents, all at the click of a button.

One Place for Office Communication

Stay on top of your referrals with Toothe's intuitive referral claim feature.


The notifications centre allows you to easily monitor the status of each referral, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process. 

Experience the Toothe Difference.

Modern. Efficient. Awesome.

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