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Toothe Services & Pricing

Toothe Secure Messenger

  • Office to office messaging

  • In-office messaging

  • P2P direct messages

  • Send & receive documents, X-rays, referrals & CBCT's

  • Securely Email to patients

  • Verify receipt with our unique claim feature

  • Unlimited user ID's for the same monthly price

  • Tiered access for roles

  • iOS (Apple) compatible

Privacy Impact Assessment

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  • Clinic specific PIA questionnaire 

  • Post-questionnaire follow up to confirm customizations

  • Completion of clinic-specific Privacy Impact Assessment

  • Digital submission of the PIA to the OIPC

  • Physical PIA Binder delivered to clinic including the PIA, clinic-specific Privacy and Security
    Policies, Risk Assessment and Mitigation Table, Quick Start Guide, Staff Training
    Resources, and Annual Review Checklist

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