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What is toothe?


Until toothe, every office has acted like an individual silo. Each silo holds information that sometimes needs to be send to another silo, using the phone and email (or fax!!!).  Toothe connects dental offices in an easy and secure way that allows individual offices to communicate and quickly share important information with each other. 

No-Phone Revolution
  • Send instant messages to other dental offices 

  • Send instant messages to your team members

  • Reduce phone calls from dental offices

  • Secure & encrypted

Send CBCT's
& large files
  • The intuitive referral form gets all the information needed every time!

  • Claim feature shows when someone has dealt with the document.

  • Send CBCT's and large documents up to 1GB.

  • Securely share records and referrals with offices who do not already use toothe.

Communication in one place
  • Securely send records and X-rays to dental offices

  • Unique claim feature keeps everyone accountable

  • Streamline communications with other offices by having ONE program to do ALL the communicating with. 

Send to patients
  • Securely send records to patients

  • Send patients notes about their upcoming appointments directly to their email.

  • Secure & encrypted

Who's toothe for?

Toothe is a community, designed specifically for the dental industry, including dental offices, dental specialists, independent hygiene practices, & denturists. 

One-of-a-kind community

The truly amazing thing about toothe is that the more offices that use toothe, the better toothe becomes for everyone. This is your chance to be a part of the fastest growing community of dental professionals!

Keep it simple

All your incoming and outgoing communication can be done in one place. Send and receive referrals, x-rays and important documents that never get deleted. Our one-of-a-kind claim feature allows you to see when an important document has been dealt with. 

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