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Your Partner In Compliance

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As a dental practice, it is essential to ensure that your office is compliant with Alberta's Health Information Act (HIA).


Complying with the HIA can be time consuming, complex and boring. That's why we've made it our mission to make privacy compliance easy for you.


With Toothe, you get a partner to help you achieve HIA compliance for your office. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:


  • Privacy Impact Assessments

  • Secure and Encrypted Communication

  • Referrals, Records, and CBCT Send

  • Annual Compliance Reviews

  • Staff Training Resources

With our support, you can rest assure that all the important details are taken care of so that you can focus on providing the best care possible for your patients.

PIA's for Alberta Practices

In the Province of Alberta, a Privacy Impact Assessment is required by the Health Information Act (s 64).

This assessment (PIA) helps to identify and address potential privacy risks that may occur in a dental office. 


Praise & Reviews

"You can't be angry and work in toothe."


"By far my fav feature is the office-to-office chat; no more calling other offices = phone lines aren't tied up and we have more time to focus on our patients.

5/5 stars from this millennial receptionist"



"It enables us to communicate and collaborate at a time that works for us rather than wasting time playing telephone tag during a busy schedule.

I highly recommend it."


"Toothe has greatly simplified referrals to other offices and I can message other dental providers directly regarding a specific case in a secure and encrypted way. No more phone tag"


Keep It Simple, Keep It Secure

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Toothe is a referral communication platform that protects your patients information and ensures ongoing compliance with local privacy laws.


Cut down on phone calls with our 3 messaging features: in-office, office-to-office & P2P direct.


Easily send & receive referrals, X-rays, CBCT's, and documents.


Our unique claim feature lets you know when an X-ray, CBCT or referral has been claimed and who claimed it.

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