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Making Dental Compliance Easy

In the dynamic landscape of dental compliance, simplicity and efficiency are paramount. Toothe is your partner in navigating these complexities with ease.

We know first hand that every dental office is unique, which is why we specialize in providing FULL compliance solutions for your office. 


At Toothe, we're committed to making communication between dental offices a breeze with our advanced messaging platform. Seamlessly and securely send files, X-rays, and referrals with ease. Our innovative claim feature ensures transparency and accountability, so you are always in the know.

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A Hassle-Free Compliance Experience

Effortless Compliance:

Say goodbye to confusion and boredom with Toothe's intuitive and user-friendly software. We've redefined compliance, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience for dental offices of all sizes to send patient health information.

Streamlined Solutions:

From Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to daily compliance tasks, Toothe streamlines every aspect of your compliance journey. We take the guesswork out of the equation, leaving you with peace of mind and more time for patient care.

Personalized Assistance:

Our dedicated support team is here to empower you at every turn. Whether you need guidance on setup or ongoing support, consider us your compliance concierge, always ready to assist.

Your Total Compliance Solution

Toothe Secure Messenger seamlessly integrates all the essential tools you need to navigate daily compliance operations with ease.


Additionally, our compliance manuals were meticulously curated by a dentist, ensuring that all the essential elements needed for compliance are readily available.


Toothe offers customized Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Infection Prevention and Control manuals (IPC), Occupational Health & Safety manuals (OHS), Radiation manuals & office manuals. Compliance has never been easier!

Keep It Simple, Keep It Secure

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Toothe Secure Messenger is a digital referral and communication platform that protects your patients health information and ensures ongoing compliance with local privacy laws.


Eliminate phone calls with our 3 messaging features: office-to-office, in-office & person-to-person.


Easily send & receive referrals, X-rays, CBCT's, and documents to other dental offices, patients, lab & insurance companies.


Our unique claim feature lets you know when an X-ray, CBCT or referral has been claimed and who claimed it.


What People Are Saying

Improved our Office Flow and Communication

Our 3 offices joined Toothe earlier this year and all of our teams love the software. It has improved our office flow and communication with our referring offices as it is easy and efficient to use. We would highly recommend to any offices looking for an innovative communication software!


Streamlined Appointment Time With Clients

As a Registered Hygienist I utilize Toothe everyday to correspond with reception, it has streamlined my appointment time with my clients! I love it!

Marry Jo

Safe, Secure, and Simple

We recently switched to Toothe from a different patient communication platform and are very happy with the decision.
Toothe is user friendly and the service supp
ort from their team is exceptional. Safe, secure, and simple to use when sending and receiving messages.

We will be implementing Toothe at all of our clinics.

Thank you Derek and Stacey!


Compliance Manuals
for the Dental Industry

How do know if your office needs a Privacy Impact Assessment? 

Here's what we found triggers the need for a new PIA.

​If your office:

  • is a brand new practice

  • has changed ownership

  • has moved or had major renovations

  • changed your practice management software

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Attention Alberta Custodians

In the Province of Alberta, a Privacy Impact Assessment is required by the Health Information Act (s 64).

This assessment (PIA) helps to identify and address potential privacy risks that may occur in a dental office. 

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