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Dental Compliance Made Easy

Our Total Compliance Solution provides 5 customized compliance manuals, quickstart guides, annual review reminders, ongoing support and a secure and compliant messaging platform with robust file sharing and rock-solid verification.

Made by dentists for dentists, Toothe intimately understands your practice's compliance needs. We've rolled everything into one streamlined solution so you can operate compliantly and efficiently.

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Toothe Is The Hassle-Free Way For Dental Practices To Simplify Compliance And Optimize Secure Communication.

Hassle-Free Compliance Experience

The Toothe Software

  • Industry-leading referral and communication platform

  • Secure & encrypted messaging and file sharing

  • Confirm when sent files are opened, giving you sender verification

  • Easy to use with just a 30-minute onboarding session

  • Ongoing support

The Compliance Manuals

  • Tailored manuals for Privacy & Security, Infection Prevention & Control, Occupational Health & Safety, Radiation and Office Policies

  • FREE Privacy Impact Assessment*

  • Quick start guides

  • Staff training resources

  • Annual review checklists

  • Ongoing support

The Hassle-Free Process

  1. Fill out the quick & easy online questionnaires for your dental practice

  2. We build your customized compliance manuals 

  3. You receive your customized digital and printed manuals in the mail

  4. Implement the simple quick start guide. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

*Get a FREE Privacy Impact Assessment with the purchase of the Total Compliance Solution for offices with local legislations that require a PIA.

Your Total Compliance Solution

Toothe Secure Messenger seamlessly integrates all the essential tools you need to navigate daily compliance operations with ease!


Additionally, our compliance manuals were meticulously curated by a dentist, ensuring that all the essential elements needed for compliance are readily available.


TCS includes customized Privacy & Security Policies manual, Infection Prevention and Control manual (IPC), Occupational Health & Safety manual (OHS), Radiation manual, Office Policy manual and a FREE Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)*.


Compliance has never been easier!

Keep It Simple, Keep It Secure

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Communicate Without Constraints

Ditch the phones and eliminate disruptions. Our flexible messaging suite keeps your entire workflow seamlessly connected:

  • Office-to-Office

  • In-Office

  • Person-to-Person

Share With Confidence
Quickly and securely share anything. No more compromised patient privacy.

  • Referrals

  • X-Rays

  • CBCT's

  • Documents

Verify Success

Our exclusive Verification Center lets you instantly see when sent files are opened and by whom - giving you proof of secure delivery and avoiding miscommunication.

Toothe Secure Messenger is a digital referral and communication platform that protects your patients health information and ensures ongoing compliance with local privacy laws.

Compliant, efficient, and intuitive communication is finally a reality with Toothe Secure Messenger. Spend less time playing phone tag and more time focusing on high-quality patient care.


What People Are Saying

Improved our Office Flow and Communication

Our 3 offices joined Toothe earlier this year and all of our teams love the software. It has improved our office flow and communication with our referring offices as it is easy and efficient to use. We would highly recommend to any offices looking for an innovative communication software!


Streamlined Appointment Time With Clients

As a Registered Hygienist I utilize Toothe everyday to correspond with reception, it has streamlined my appointment time with my clients! I love it!

Marry Jo

Safe, Secure, and Simple

We recently switched to Toothe from a different patient communication platform and are very happy with the decision.
Toothe is user friendly and the service supp
ort from their team is exceptional. Safe, secure, and simple to use when sending and receiving messages.

We will be implementing Toothe at all of our clinics.

Thank you Derek and Stacey!


Compliance Manuals
for the Dental Industry

We know generic, cookie-cutter manuals just don't cut it for the unique needs of your practice.

That's why we take a personalized approach, crafting comprehensive manuals specific to your office's procedures, & equipment.

Our manuals included:

✓ Privacy & Security Policies 

✓ Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)

 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

✓ Radiation Manual 

✓ Office Policies Manual

✓ FREE Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)*

No more struggling to create complex manuals from scratch. We do the heavy lifting tailored to your practice's precise needs. 


Just sit back and wait to receive your polished & fully printed manuals in the mail.

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Attention Alberta Custodians

*In the Province of Alberta, a Privacy Impact Assessment is required by the Health Information Act (s 64).

This assessment (PIA) helps to identify and address potential privacy risks that may occur in a dental office. 

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