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Privacy Impact Assessment

In the Province of Alberta, a Privacy Impact Assessment is required by the Health Information Act (s 64).

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) helps to identify and address potential privacy risks that may occur in a dental office. A PIA is used for information systems, administrative practices and policy proposals that relate to the collection, use or disclosure of individually identifying personal or health information.

All Custodians (Dentists and Denturists) are required to submit a PIA for each office they own.


Toothe is pleased to offer PIA completion customized to your office, along side our state-of-the-art Toothe Secure Messenger which ensures ongoing HIA Compliance for secure and encrypted communication, which protects both your patients’ information as well as yourself.


What you get

  • Clinic specific PIA questionnaire 

  • Post-questionnaire follow up to confirm customizations

  • Completion of clinic-specific Privacy Impact Assessment

  • Digital submission of the PIA to the OIPC

  • Physical PIA Binder delivered to clinic including the PIA, clinic-specific Privacy and Security
    Policies, Risk Assessment and Mitigation Table, Quick Start Guide, Staff Training
    Resources, and Annual Review Checklist

Annual Compliance Review

Let us worry about keeping your office compliant!

We monitor legislation and Standards of Practice changes and contact you each year with a clinic-specific PIA Annual Review Questionnaire for major and/or minor changes to your accepted PIA

  • Major changes will trigger a new PIA

  • Minor changes will trigger an amendment to be submitted on the offices’ behalf to the OIPC

A post-questionnaire Compliance Checklist for maintenance items will be provided to your Privacy Officer to remind them to cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

Find out if you need a Privacy Impact Assessment.


Get Your Custom PIA Quote

If you've never had a Privacy Impact Assessment or have one thats been collecting dust, we can help your office keep up with compliance regulations.

 Fill out this form and we'll get you a quote for your specific privacy compliance needs. 

Do you have an accepted PIA?

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Do I Need A PIA?

Many dental offices have old PIAs from 4-5 years ago, and you may be wondering if your old PIA is still valid, or if a new PIA is required. Take the short quiz to find out if you office needs a PIA. 

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