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Radiation Manual

Minimize Radiation Exposure
Maximize Diagnostic Quality

When it comes to dental care, safety is non-negotiable for both patients and staff. That's why Toothe is thrilled to present our Radiation Manual—a specialized guide designed to help dental practices minimize ionizing radiation exposure while maintaining top-notch diagnostic radiograph quality.


Simply fill out our easy questionnaire, and we'll create a tailored Radiation Manual for you, taking care of all the details.


What's Included in the Radiation Manual?

• Safety Code 30 (2022): The Toothe Radiation Manual adheres to the latest Health Canada guidance in Safety Code 30 (2022) Radiation Protection in Dentistry - Safety Procedures for the Installation, Use and Control of Dental X-ray Equipment. ​• Radiation Program Coordinator (RPC) Appointed: Designate a dedicated coordinator to oversee radiation safety practices in your office. • Radiation Code of Conduct: Establish clear guidelines and best practices for radiation usage in your facility. • Guidelines for Protection of Workers: Office specific policies and procedures to reduce radiation exposure of radiation personnel. • Guidelines for Protection of Patients: Office specific policies and procedures to reduce radiation exposure of patients. • Guidelines for Pregnant Patients and Staff: Ensure proper radiation exposure and protection protocol is followed in the case of workers or patients being pregnant. • Updated Lead Apron/Thyroid Shield Requirements for Patients: Stay up-to-date with the latest requirements for patient protection. • Radiation Facility and Equipment Requirements: Ensure your facility meets all necessary standards for safe radiation use and protection. • Radiation Quality Assurance Program: Implement a comprehensive program to monitor equipment performance and conduct preventive maintenance. • Radiation Preventative Maintenance Program: Implement a proactive approach to equipment maintenance to prevent radiation hazards. • Registration of X-ray Equipment and Lasers: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by registering your equipment. • Personal Dosimetry Program: Implement a program to monitor and measure radiation exposure for staff members. • Overexposure Reporting Requirements: Establish protocols for reporting and addressing instances of overexposure. • Quick Start Guide: Get started quickly and efficiently with our easy-to-follow Quick Start Guide. • Staff Training Resources: Access comprehensive training materials to educate your team on radiation safety protocols. • Annual Review Checklist: Use our checklist to ensure ongoing compliance and continuous improvement in your radiation safety practices.

Why Choose Toothe's Radiation Manual?

Tailored to Your Office Needs

We understand that every dental office is unique. That's why we customize every manual to fit the specific requirements of your practice, ensuring maximum effectiveness and relevance.

Streamlined Radiation Safety

Our manual provides a clear and concise roadmap to radiation safety, allowing you to reduce exposure while maintaining diagnostic quality effortlessly.

Compliance Made Easy

With Toothe's Radiation Manual, compliance with regulatory requirements becomes a breeze. Our comprehensive manual covers all necessary aspects.

Need a PIA or an Office Manual?
See all our compliance manuals

Why Build Your Radiation Safety Manual from the Ground Up When Toothe Has Done the Heavy Lifting?

With our manual, you can simplify radiological safety protocols, save costs, and confidently maintain the highest standards of radiation safety and compliance—no guesswork, just peace of mind!

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P.S. Don't Leave Your Radiological Safety To Guesswork - Act Now!

Invest in Toothe's Radiation Manual today and take the first step towards ensuring the health and safety of your patients and staff.

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