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Toothe Services & Pricing

With Toothe, you can easily achieve full dental compliance. 

Choose the solution that best fits your compliance requirements for your office.

The Total Compliance Solution (TCS)

Best for dental offices prioritizing compliance across all areas. This complete set of customized manuals plus Toothe Secure Messenger ensures practices meet requirements for privacy, infection control, workplace safety, radiation safety, and more - providing robust, office-specific compliance documentation.​

$399/ Month**

Toothe Secure Messenger
Best for dental offices requiring secure, compliant and efficient communication of patient health information. Toothe Secure Messenger is a digital referral and communication platform that allows you to chat securely with end-to-end encryption, share files and x-rays safely, and verify that offices received your files.

$199 / Month*

Month to Month

Compliance Manuals

Best for dental practices requiring specific compliance needs. Our office-specific manuals cover privacy, infection control, workplace safety, radiation safety, and more to ensure regulatory compliance tailored to your needs.

Starting at $2,999*
Pay as You Go

Member Benefit Pricing

*Denturists & Hygienists special pricing is available with your membership!

Proudly endorsed by the Denturist Association of Canada, Denturist Association of Alberta, Dental Hygienists Association of Alberta & BCDHA.

Pay As You Go

$2,999 + GST
Privacy & Security Policies Manual

**Toothe Total Compliance Solution has an initial term of twenty-four (24) months, commencing upon the creation of your Toothe user account. Upon expiration of the initial 24-month term of the Toothe Total Compliance Solution, Toothe Total Compliance Solution shall continue uninterrupted on a month-to-month basis.


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