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Create A Safe And Healthy Work Environment With Confidence!

In today's ever-evolving dental industry, ensuring the well-being of your team isn't just a box to tick—it's a vital ingredient for success. We are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Manual.


This isn't just any manual—it's a meticulously crafted guide that we create for you! All you need to do is fill out our simple questionnaire, and we'll provide you with a tailored roadmap filled with the tools and insights you need to build a safe, thriving dental office.

What's Included In The Occupational Health
& Safety (OHS) Manual?

​Supervisor Appointed: Designate a supervisor oversee occupational health and safety protocols, ensuring accountability at all levels. Health and Safety Representative Appointed: Empower a dedicated worker representative to champion workplace safety initiatives and act as a liaison between management and staff. Health and Safety Policy: A dental office specific official policy on Health and Safety as required by OHS. Office-Specific Hazard Assessment: Conduct a thorough dental office specific hazard assessment with our easy-to-use online questionnaire to identify potential risks and hazards unique to your workplace. Office-Specific Hazard Controls Implemented: Implement targeted controls to mitigate identified hazards and enhance workplace safety. Personal Protective Equipment: Detailed instructions on types and use of various required PPE for your dental office. Dental Office First Aid Supply Requirements: Ensure you're equipped with essential first aid supplies required for dental office settings. Fire Protection Equipment: Review monitor the fire protection equipment specific to your workplace. Evacuation Plan: Ensure your workers are aware of your office-specific evacuation strategy to facilitate facilitate a swift and organized response in case of emergencies. Emergency Response Plans: Create comprehensive plans to address various emergency scenarios, ensuring preparedness and swift action. Respiratory Protection Plan: Implement protocols and guidelines for respiratory protection, prioritizing the respiratory health of your employees. Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy: Establish a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and violence, fostering a respectful workplace culture. WHIMS: Comply with Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHIMS) regulations with ease and confidence. Health and Safety Communication Board: Instructions for installing a central communication board for all important health, safety, evacuation, emergency response, and violence prevention information for your workers. Quick Start Guide: Jump right in with our Quick Start Guide, designed to get you up and running with essential health and safety protocols in no time. Staff Training Resources: Access a wealth of training materials designed to educate and empower your team on health and safety best practices. Annual Review Checklist: Utilize a comprehensive checklist to facilitate annual reviews and ensure ongoing compliance and improvement.

Occupational Health
& Safety Manual

Why Choose Toothe's OHS Manual?


Toothe's OHS Manual offers comprehensive coverage to workplace safety, tailored specifically to the unique needs of dental practices. From detailed hazard assessments to personalized emergency response plans, we use our quick and easy questionnaire to customize each binder, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your office's unique setup and resonates with your team.

Compliance Made Easy

Stay ahead of legal and regulatory requirements with our easy-to-follow guidelines, ensuring peace of mind and avoiding potential penalties.

Empower Your Team

Equip your employees with the knowledge and resources they need to prioritize their health and safety, fostering a culture of care and responsibility.

Need a PIA or an Office Manual?
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Why Start from Scratch With Your OHS Manual When We've Got You Covered?

With our Occupational Health & Safety manual, you can simplify safety protocols, save money, and make compliance easy!

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P.S. Don't Leave Employee Health & Safety To Chance - Act Now!

Invest in Toothe's Occupational Health & Safety Manual today and pave the way for a secure, compliant, and thriving workplace environment.

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