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Finally, a reason to grin from ear-to-ear about dental compliance!  

Toothe's Total Compliance Solution takes all the guesswork out of the compliance process with our delightfully simple all-in-one, made-for-you solution.


✓ Toothe Secure Messenger

✓ Privacy & Security Policies Manual

✓ Infection Prevention & Control Manual

✓ Occupational Health & Safety Manual

✓ Radiation Manual

✓ Office Manual

✓ Ongoing Support & Updates


What's Included in The Total Compliance Solution?

Toothe Secure Messenger

A trusted, secure referral and communication platform that keeps your office seamlessly connected while safeguarding patient privacy. Send referrals, x-rays, and messages with total peace of mind. Rock-Solid Verification: Toothe's unique Auto Claim feature goes beyond a mere read receipt. We let you know when the document has been dealt with. Chat with Confidence: Toothe simplifies communication with a user-friendly chat interface, ensuring efficient and secure exchanges with every dental office. Never use the phone again!

Privacy & Security Policies

The Privacy and Security Manual is a comprehensive document that outlines an organization's policies, protocols, and practices related to protecting the privacy and security of sensitive data and information assets. It serves as a guideline for employees and stakeholders, covering aspects such as physical security, data protection, access control, incident response, and information handling. Included Requirements: ☑ Privacy Officer appointed ☑ Site assessment for physical, administrative, and technical safeguards ☑ Privacy and Security Policies ☑ Confidentiality Oaths (CO) ☑ Contractor Privacy Agreements (CPA) ☑ Information Manager Agreements (IMA) ☑ Unlimited Compliance Support ☑ Quick Start Guide ☑ Staff training resources ☑ Annual review checklist

Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Manual

The Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Manual is an office-specific guide for the cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing of surfaces and reusable dental instruments and devices intended to break the chain of infection and protect both patients and staff from the risk of transmission of communicable diseases in a dental setting. Included Requirements: ☑ IPC Coordinator (IPCC) appointed ☑ IPC Office Manual ☑ Clinic-specific instrument reprocessing instructions ☑ Sterilization assurance requirements and documentation ☑ Sterility monitoring failure protocols ☑ Needlestick protocol ☑ Dental waste management ☑ Sterilization(MDR) Area design and layout ☑ IPC Logbook ☑ IPC Record keeping templates ☑ Quick Start Guide ☑ Staff training resources ☑ Annual review checklist

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)  + First Aid Manual

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) manual is a comprehensive office-specific document that outlines an organization's policies, procedures, and guidelines designed to ensure the health and safety of its employees and stakeholders in the workplace. It serves as a roadmap for creating a safe work environment, preventing workplace injuries and illnesses, and complying with legal and regulatory requirements related to occupational health and safety. Included Requirements ☑ Supervisor appointed ☑ Health and Safety Representative appointed ☑ Health and Safety Policy template ☑ Health and Safety Communication Board set up ☑ Office-specific hazard assessment ☑ Office-specific hazard controls implemented ☑ Dental office first aid supply requirements ☑ Fire protection equipment ☑ Evacuation plan ☑ Emergency response plans ☑ Respiratory Protection Plan ☑ Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy ☑ WHIMS ☑ Quick Start Guide ☑ Staff training resources ☑ Monthly Hazard Review review checklist ☑ Annual review checklist

Radiation Manual

The Radiation Manual is an office-specific document that describes radiation best-practices to reduce the amount of ionizing radiation that both patients and staff are exposed to whilst ensuring necessary radiographs of diagnostic quality are obtained. A Quality Assurance program is described to ensure that radiation equipment performance is monitored and preventative maintenance is performed. Included Requirements: ☑ Radiation Program Coordinator (RPC) appointed ☑ Radiation code of conduct ☑ Radiation facility and equipment requirements ☑ Radiation quality assurance program ☑ Updated lead apron/thyroid shield requirements for patients ☑ Radiation preventative maintenance program ☑ Registration of X-ray equipment and lasers ☑ Personal dosimetry program ☑ Overexposure reporting requirements ☑ Quick Start Guide ☑ Staff training resources ☑ Annual review checklist

Office Policies Manual

The Office Manual is a catch all document that completes the Toothe Total Compliance Solution by summarizing and mandating the requirements of the various and numerous dental laws that are not covered in the PIA, IPC, OHS, and Radiation Manuals that dentists are required to comply with. The Office Manual also includes general employment polices such as wages and benefits, vacations, dress code and personal cell phone use policies. Included Requirements: ☑ Responsible Dentist ☑ Mission Statement ☑ Patient Rights ☑ Bylaws ☑ Code of Ethics ☑ Standards of Practice ☑ Legislation ☑ Continuing Education Program ☑ Advertising Guidelines ☑ Unforeseen Event Reporting ☑ Trade Name ☑ Display of Permits and Certificates ☑ After-hours Contact policy ☑ Qualified Staff ☑ Professional Corporations ☑ Dental Fees ☑ Tracked Prescription Program ☑ Professional Liability Insurance Program ☑ Code of Conduct ☑ IT and Computer Use ☑ Personal Cell Phones ☑ Social Media ☑ Hours of Work ☑ Vacation ☑ Holidays ☑ Sick Days ☑ Leaves ☑ Wages and Benefits ☑ Dress Code and Grooming ☑ Performance Review Process ☑ Confidentiality and Data Protection ☑ Conflict of Interest ☑ Workplace Violence Prevention ☑ Quick Start Guide ☑ Staff training resources ☑ Annual review checklist

FREE Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
(If required by your province)

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a self-assessment required by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner that evaluates the Custodian’s collection, use, disclosure and protection of patient health information to ensure compliance with the Health Information Act. The PIA includes both written Privacy and Security policies as well as an office-specific Risk Assessment and Mitigation Table. Included Requirements: ☑ Privacy Officer appointed ☑ Site assessment for physical, administrative, and technical safeguards ☑ Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) ☑ Privacy and Security Policies ☑ Risk Mitigation Table ☑ Confidentiality Oaths (CO) ☑ Contractor Privacy Agreements (CPA) ☑ Information Manager Agreements (IMA) ☑ PIA submitted to the OIPC ☑ Unlimited Compliance Support ☑ Quick Start Guide ☑ Staff training resources ☑ Annual review checklist ☑ OIPC Amendment Template

Value-Added Items

Each compliance binder contains not only the manual, but a wealth of materials that aid in assisting the Responsible Dentist and/or Office Manager in executing the compliance program contained in the actual manuals. Included Requirements: Table of Contents – find templates, SDS sheets, MIFU instructions, and much more quickly and easily with the help of the table of contents and divides that separate each section. USB Data Stick – all hardcopy documents, as well as additional documents such as legislation, standards of practice, templates and forms, are included as digital copies that can be modified or edited on the USB stick. Quick Start Guide – We know that reading a 100+ page manual can be tedious and boring, so we included a handy Quick Start Guide to assist you in quickly identifying and executing the top 10 “must do” items for each manual to ensure you are compliant as soon as possible. Staff Training Resources – Hiring 3 rd parties to train your staff is expensive and time-consuming. We provide staff training resources in each manual so you can develop your own training program for both group sessions or individual self-directed learning that your staff can do on their own. Annual Review Checklists – Ensure ongoing compliance by following our nifty Annual Review Checklist that will guide you through the required items that need to be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. With our Total Compliance Solution we will also remind you when it is time to conduct your annual review for each manual! Templates and Forms – No need to create your own checklists, templates, or forms for compliance! We have already done it. Each manual references the relevant templates and checklists that are required for each area of compliance. All you need to do is post the forms and fill them out as you progress through the Quick Start Guide, Annual Review Checklist, and monthly hazard assessment checks. Log Books – Documentation is an important facet of compliance. Each manual contains a log book for ongoing record keeping and notes to ensure your documentation is always up to date and complete. Blank Storage Sections – Compliance requires you to collect and store various documents such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use (MIFU), Information Manager Agreements (IMAs), Operation Manuals and Personal Dosimetry Records for referral and reference.

Ongoing Support

We know that Compliance can be overwhelming since there is just so much to it, but we saved the best for last! As a valued member of Toothe’s Total Compliance Solution, you will get not only all 5 manuals and access to Toothe Secure Messenger but ongoing compliance support as well! Our TCS Support includes: Monitoring - Monitoring of regulatory changes for all areas of compliance. Updates - Automatic updates when any new regulations or standards are released. Reprints - One (1) FREE manual re-print per year. So, say after a few years, you renovate your entire office and install a brand-spanking new sterilization center with all the bells and whistles, including new sterilizers, instrument washers, cassettes and handpiece lubricators you don’t need to re-write or edit your IPC Manual, just complete our quick and easy online IPC Questionnaire and we will make you an entirely new IPC Manual for FREE! Support - Unlimited compliance support. We are always happy to help you with any questions or clarification you may have regarding Privacy, Infection Prevention Control, Occupational Health and Safety, Radiation, and Office Policies. Resources - Up-to-date staff training resources. Benefit from updated staff training resources as we continually improve our Value-Add Items. Reminders - Annual review reminders. No need to worry about remembering to do your annual reviews! We will send you regular reminders when it is time to conduct your annual reviews. Amendments - Annual PIA Amendments. Follow our easy PIA Amendment Template to submit your PIA Amendments directly to the OIPC. You can rest easy knowing that with Toothe’s TCS, we have made dental office compliance easy!

Total Compliance Solution

Leave Compliance Chaos Behind with Toothe's Total Compliance Solution (TCS)

Why Choose Toothe's TCS?

Save Valuable Time

Maintaining compliance on your own is extremely time-consuming and confusing. TCS eliminates that burden by creating the manuals for you, providing a quick start guide, and giving you an annual review checklist - so you're always on top of compliance while freeing up time for patient care and business growth.

Quick & Easy Questionnaire
Our compliance manuals aren't generic - they're built from scratch specifically for your dental practice. Just provide your details through our quick and easy questionnaire, and we'll create 5 professional compliance manuals uniquely tailored to your office's needs and protocols.

Compliance Made Easy

TCS packages up all your dental compliance needs in one hassle-free solution, so you can check every box without headaches.


Gain peace of mind with a FREE PIA to ensure comprehensive and compliant data practices if required by your local legislations.

Don't Settle For Generic, Ill-Fitting Manuals When You Can Have The Total Compliance Soluton.

Invest in the smart, easy way to achieve total dental compliance. With Toothe, you'll gain a trusted partner dedicated to compliance for your dental practice. From tailored manuals and sending secure files, to quick start guides and annual review checklists - TCS provides a full-service solution for straightforward, worry-free compliance.


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P.S. Don't Wait For An Incident - Act Now!

When it comes to your practice's compliance, there's no better policy than an ounce of proactive prevention. Don't wait until an incident exposes you - be proactive about dental compliance with TCS.

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