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Elevate Your Practice with
Toothe Secure Messenger

In the fast-paced world of independent hygiene, effective communication is the heartbeat of exceptional patient care. Toothe Secure Messenger is your solution for seamless, secure, and compliant messaging that lets you focus on what you do best - providing top-notch service.

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Use code DHAABCDHA50 at check out

Your Battle for Secure Communication Ends Here

Let's cut to the chase. Sending health information securely isn't just a challenge; it's a headache. No regulatory sponsored app means you're navigating this solo. Your association feels your pain and stepped up, negotiating a killer deal with Toothe Secure Messenger!

Say goodbye to the chaos! With Toothe, you're not just getting a tool; you're gaining peace of mind. Embrace a solution crafted for the dental industry. 

Use code DHAABCDHA50 at check out

Chat • Share • Verify

Transforms Communication into a Seamless and Secure Experience
  • Chat with Confidence: Toothe simplifies communication with a user-friendly chat interface, ensuring efficient and secure exchanges with every dental office. Never use the phone again!

  • Effortless File Sharing: Seamlessly share important documents, patient records, and images directly through Toothe, streamlining collaboration and ensuring compliance.

  • Rock-Solid Verification: Toothe's unique Auto Claim feature goes beyond a mere read receipt. We let you know when the document has been dealt with. 

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Half Price for DHAA & BCDHA Members!


We are thrilled to extend a special offer to members of the DHAA & BCDHA!


Elevate your communication game with an exclusive 50% off deal. Unleash the power of secure and compliant messaging at half the cost—because your dedication to dental excellence deserves a reward.


Act now and secure your 50% off – because your practice deserves the best!

Toothe for DHAA & BCDHA Members: $65 per month — half the regular price of $129.

Use code DHAABCDHA50 at check out

What Offices Have Been Saying

HIGHLY recommend Toothe! The toothe team is AMAZING to work with, they are very friendly and supportive. The team provides a great hands on learning experience. The software is very user friendly. The colors and design make it a tool that everyone in the office wants to use. Not only are you being compliant, there are other functions where you can chat in office which saves you chair time and you can chat with other clinics which helps keep your phone lines clear to accept those incoming patient calls.


Very user friendly - well thought out for ALL the different user types/roles in the office. If you are not using Toothe you are spending time and resources elsewhere, which could be spent on client care instead. Highly recommend!


It's nice to work with people who are not only good at what they do, but also very passionate as well. Derek is both. Very good software. Excellent service. Top notch knowledge in his industry and his requirements to give you the safety and security you need in the digital world.
Couldn't recommend enough for making sure you are compliant with the ever changing digital landscape and government regulations.


Clear & Simple: No Hidden Fees

We believe in transparency and simplicity. You get the full power of Toothe Secure Messenger for one flat monthly fee—no hidden costs, no surprises. Whether you're a solo practitioner or have a bustling office, our pricing remains straightforward. There are no additional fees based on the number of users.


Plus, we value flexibility just as much as you do—there are no hidden or long-term contracts. Enjoy the freedom of secure communication without the hassle.


Subscribe today and experience the ease of Toothe Secure Messenger with clear, predictable pricing.

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Security, Privacy, and Expert Support

Have a hassle-free onboarding experience and dedicated training for your team. If you find our service doesn't align with your expectations, we're here to address any concerns and ensure your satisfaction. With Toothe, not only do you get a secure communication tool, but also expert support from day one.


Join today and experience peace of mind and efficiency in your practice.

Join the Revolution

Join the vibrant community of dental offices who have dared to ride the wave of innovation with Toothe Secure Messenger. It's more than a tool; it's a movement—a tribe of forward-thinking practitioners who have bid farewell to communication woes. Elevate your practice, break free from the ordinary, and start your transformation today.

Are you ready to join the revolution? 

Use code DHAABCDHA50 at check out

P.S. Don't Gamble with Compliance - Act Now!

Don't let your practice be caught in the compliance crossfire. Without Toothe Secure Messenger, you risk fines and potential suspension due to non-compliant communication practices.


Act now to safeguard your practice, elevate your communication, and enjoy a limited-time 50% off offer!


The clock is ticking; secure your compliance shield today. Click below and transform your desktop communication with Toothe Secure Messenger.

Use code DHAABCDHA50 at check out

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Subscribe today and secure your awesome communication tool for just $65/month.

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Thank you for signing up for Toothe Secure Messenger! Keep a look out for an email from us to schedule your onboarding & set up payment details.

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